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Gems & Nuggets

Gems & Nuggets is the brainchild of Yoko Sumida, a friend and volunteer for Fita of WOW Rescue Society.

Gems & Nuggets is a custom pet portrait online business that is committed to providing pet lovers a truly beautiful portrait of their furry companion and donating 25% of their profits to animal rescue organizations, including Fita of WOW Rescue Society.  

Every pet deserves a portrait and every homeless pet deserves a loving home. 

Our hope is that your pet portrait will bring you joy each time you walk into the room AND help a pet in need. For every order, we commit to donating 25% of profits to animal rescue organizations.

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Yoko Sumida

Gems & Nuggets owner

Yoko is a devoted animal lover and advocate based in Vancouver, Canada. She has volunteered for various animal rescue organizations over the past 25 years and continues to help animals whenever she has the opportunity. She is currently volunteering for Elder Dogs and Wow Rescue Society and recently launched her online pet portrait shop, Gems & Nuggets which donates 25% of profits to animal rescue organizations.


She is excited to help Yoga Stops Yulin grow into a massive movement that will eventually help put an end to the dog and cat meat trade in Asia. 

Yoko is featured here with Caroline, a dog rescued from the meat trade in China and now living her best life in Vancouver BC.
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