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Meet our Yoga Teachers, Sound Bath Artists, Meditation/Yoga Nidra, Wellness Guides, that have all contributed their time and talents to make the 2023 Yoga Stops Yulin Campaign a truly healing experience for all.

Join an in person class or an online event and share this experience with friends & family.
Together we can make a difference🤍
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Karo Tak

10 Year Jivamukti Anniversary Class

KARO TAK is an Animal Rights Activist, Vegan Chef & Jivamukti Yoga Teacher who travels the world spreading the love for the animals with ahimsa, veganism and Jivamukti Yoga.

Karo will be kicking off our 2023 campaign by dedicating her 10 year Jivamukti Anniversary class to the dogs of Yulin and the meat trade.

Wednesday May 17th on Zoom

7 pm CET/ 6 pm UK time/ 1 pm EST

90 minute class, all levels welcome🙌


Rafi Lounge is a premier wellness retreat located by the beautiful ocean side in the heart of Malibu. Rafi Lounge offers its members an oasis of peace and tranquility with its premium quality spa treatments, infrared saunas and yoga classes, Tai Chi & Qigong, Reiki meditation and so much more.

Rafi Lounge is hosting a one of a kind wellness event for this cause that will include a rejuvenating yoga flow, a soothing sound bath/meditation, a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, by the esteemed Japanese Tea Master, Rayko/AKA Sorei Takahashi, live music, healthy food and drinks and a host of other activities to make this day memorable. As an additional highlight, you will have the special opportunity to meet and interact with dog survivors from the Yulin dog meat trade.

Sunday June 11th -12pm-5pm

22741 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

Tel: (424) 422-7512

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Sound Alchemy

Courtney Young, Sound Alchemist

Courtney Young  is a mother, singer, sound therapist, song weaver and alchemist. She provides healing soundscapes with the intention to reconnect and raise the frequency of our planet. 

Sound Alchemy will offer a special sound bath experience dedicated to the dogs of Yulin and the dog meat trade. Listen with your survivor and see him/her relax under this calming, soothing soundscape.


Wednesday June 21st - YouTube

Sound bath 


Laura Crowe, Manager

Modo Yoga Vancouver, thanks to its compassionate animal lover/manager, Laura Crowe, has agreed to host a class by donation towards the Yoga Stops Yulin campaign/fundraiser.

Join this special class that will have a pre-class talk with Vicky and her dog meat trade survivor, Fafa, who will say a few words about the cause, our campaign and answer  any and all questions that students may have.

Friday June 16th at 8pm
Modo Yoga Vancouver

242-2083 Alma Street
Vancouver, BC V6R1T9

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Austin Sanderson

Urban Sadhu Yoga™ is a method of applying ancient yogic wisdom in a contemporary context. The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Method is a modern, integrated Yoga method that incorporates many unique aspects of a traditional Yoga sadhana (practice) for the contemporary urban spiritual seeker.

Austin Sanderson, FOUNDER & CO-OWNER OF URBAN SADHU YOGA will be offering his very popular Sunday morning Open Urban Sadhu class to the dogs & cats of Yulin and the meat trade.

Sunday July 2nd, 10:00am-11:35am

171 Newark Ave. Jersey City
275 Grove Street

Wild Heart Yoga - Holistic Healing

Hannah Rae, Yoga Therapist

Hannah Rae is the creator and owner of Wild Heart Yoga Holistic Healing. She combines her knowledge as a Master's level clinical mental health counselor and
certified Yin Yoga Therapy instructor to offer a therapeutic, holistic approach to improving quality of life. She provides free yoga classes weekly on YouTube and serves the Northeast Tennessee/ Southwest Virginia area with private Yin Yoga Therapy services.

Hannah will host a yoga class dedicated to the victims of the dog meat trade to help heal both the community of animal lovers that is working to end this inhumane trade and of course the dogs that have suffered great trauma.

Tuesday June 27th - YouTube

Yin Yoga Therapy Class

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Sean Myers

Sean Myers and his partner Elissa O'Malley are the creators of Yogafreq, where they offer online yoga and guided meditation classes.

Sean creates yin yoga content to inspire others to develop their mindfulness, to embrace the beauty of living in the present moment and to cultivate inner peace within.


Sean will be offering a special yoga class to benefit the Yoga Stops Yulin 2023 campaign via his YouTube channel, Yogafreq.

Sunday July 2nd- YouTube

Zen with Xenia

Xenia Maltseva

Zen with Xenia offers you weekly Yin yoga, Vinyasa Flow, specific target stretching classes for athletes as well as breathing sessions, guided meditations and... sound!

Xenia is a Sound healing therapist, Cacao ceremonies facilitator, and 700-hr certified yoga teacher. She is passionate about sharing her LOVE of yoga and sound to help you feel your optimal best. Xenia ia also a passionate animal lover and she shares her life and home with one very special dog, Sofia, who is often featured in her yoga classes.

Xenia will be dedicating one of her yoga classes to help support the beneficiaries of our campaign: DOGS💗

Wednesday, June 29th

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The Yoga Ranger Studio

Aprille Walker

Aprille Walker of The Yoga Ranger Studio is a yoga and meditation teacher with more than 17 years of experience and a deep passion for pet rescue and rehabilitation efforts.  She is often accompanied on the yoga mat by her 7 rescue cats/dog as she offers classes online via her YouTube channel and YR Self Care Studio membership community.

Aprille has graciously offered to host two online events to benefit the dogs & cats victim of the meat trade as part of the Yoga Stops Yulin 2023 campaign.

Sunday July 16th - LIVE Zoom class

65 minutes class - All levels welcomed!

SanFran Fitness

Claire & Scott Francis

Scott & Claire are a husband & wife team that specialise in Rebounding workouts & aspire to bring fun into their fitness classes. They are huge animal lovers & currently have 5 dogs that they have rescued from the streets of Mexico. Living in the jungle they enjoy existing alongside nature & raising awareness for this type of cause is very important to them both.


Claire will be offering us a Bounce and Supple class for this event that will be both invigorating and soothing to the body, mind and spirit. Get ready to have a BLAST! 

Friday July 7th

Claire and Scott Francis Large.jpg
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JellySky Yoga &
Breathe Yoga Studio

Kallie & Jarrod 

Kallie and Jarrod of JellySky Yoga in partnership with Breathe Hot Yoga & Wellness Studio, located in Bradford Ontario, is partnering up, to offer you a one of a kind wellness event at the gorgeous 150 acre Lavender Polo Farm on Saturday July 29th at 9am for a karma yoga sound bath and flow amongst the lavender fields.

Kallie Jackson, yoga teacher/sound bath artist, will be joining our campaign or a second year by offering a yoga and sound bath experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, calm and peaceful.

JellySky Yoga & Breathe Hot Yoga & Wellness Studio
August 26th @ 9:30am- $25 suggested donation

Phone: (905) 751-7901

95 Holland St W, Bradford, ON L3Z 1R8



Heather Anne is a gifted, compassionate yoga teacher who shares her talents in Vinyasa/Yin Yoga & Guided meditations with all of us on her YouTube channel, Yogalibrium.

Heather is also a passionate animal lover who shares in our goal to end this inhumane, cruel trade. She was gracious enough to offer to host a yoga class dedicated to the victims of the dog cat meat trade for a second year. She is joy to practice with and is often accompanied by her dog Rupert in her videos.

June 26th - YouTube

Heather Anne with Rupert_edited.jpg
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Modo Yoga Montreal

Dina Tsouluhas

Dina is the owner and the heart and soul of Modo Yoga Montreal. Dina completed her studies in Osteopathy, is an adored teacher of Basic Anatomy at the Modo Yoga Teacher Training. She has worked closely with Nicki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Hart Lazer, Baron Baptiste and Ryan Leier – all of who have inspired and guided her commitment to teaching yoga in a passionate and loving way.

Dina is also a passionate animal lover and happily agreed to teach a yoga class to benefit the dogs & cats victim of the meat trade as part of the Yoga Stops Yulin 2023 campaign.


Monday September 11th at 5:30pm
Modo Y
oga Montreal

3863 St.Laurent blvd. suite 205
Montréal, QC, H2W 1Y1


Jeremy Grace

Jeremy Grace has been elevating the art of self-care for over 22 years. Having performed thousands of spa and yoga sessions to a global clientele, he's earned a solid reputation as an experienced wellness guide. 

In 2010, to further deepen his knowledge of the nature of healing, Jeremy spent a year apprenticing with a lineage reiki master from Kyoto, Japan and acquired a Reiki III master/teacher certification. This collective experience led him to travel and work extensively with clients in Oahu, Hawaii and Buzios, Brazil.

Jeremy will be dedicating a yoga nidra to the victims of the dog cat meat trade. He along with his beautiful dog Balthazar will guide you into a state of deepen awareness and compassion for all life beings. 

Graceology - YouTube
Tuesday August 8th 

Jeremy and balthazar.PNG
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The Yoga Ranger Studio

Aprille Walker

Aprille Walker of The Yoga Ranger Studio is a yoga and meditation teacher with more than 17 years of experience and a deep passion for pet rescue and rehabilitation efforts.  She is often accompanied on the yoga mat by her 7 rescue cats/dog as she offers classes online via her YouTube channel and YR Self Care Studio membership community.

This is Aprille's second offering to our campaign. It is going to be a full body meridian Yin class to allow us to recalibrate our energy lines and leave us feeling rejuvenated and peaceful.

August 20th - YouTube

35 minutes class - All levels welcomed!

Boho Beautiful

Juliana & Mark Spicoluk

Juliana and Mark Spicoluk are the founders/creators of Boho Beautiful a travel, yoga and lifestyle brand with a massive global following spanning the millions. They are huge animal lovers/advocates and never miss an opportunity to embrace charitable events like this one. 

Boho Beautiful will be dedicating one of their very popular online yoga classes to the 2023 Yoga Stops Yulin campaign to help support its furry beneficiaries: DOGS💗

Boho Beautiful - YouTube
Class date to follow

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Let your Shadow Shine

Nicolle Spohn

Nicolle Spohn, a native of Edinberg, is a yoga teacher, welllness blogger and creator of Let Your Shadow Shine, a yoga/wellness platform with the intention of helping you connect with the healing power of your own heart and uncover the beauty within the darkness that each and everyone one of us carries.

Nicolle will be dedicating one of her online Zoom classes to this campaign to help raise awareness on this important issue that is the dog cat meat trade.

Let Your Shadow Shine - Nicolle
Class date to follow


Yin Yoga with Matt photo.jpg

Yin Yoga with Matt

Matthieu Dupuis

Yin Yoga with Matt is a YouTube channel dedicated to the practice of Yin Yoga. Matthieu Dupuis is a certified yoga teacher trained in Yin Yoga, a calming, healing method that helps you return to your optimal physical, mental, and emotional self.

I, Jade ARA, the creator of the Yoga Stops Yulin campaign, will be making a special guest appearance along with Kashy and Luna (Matt's adorale dogs🤗) on Yin Yoga with Matt's class to benefit the dogs & cats victim of the meat trade💜


Yin Yoga With Matt - YouTube

July 12th premieres at 12pm

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Cinda Lark

Cinda Lark, E-RYT 500, 800 LOAY (Life Of A Yogi), Dharma Mittra. Owns Evolve Yoga and Evolve Juice & Smoothie Bar in Keego Harbor, Michigan.

Cinda has generously offered to host a special outdoor event class at her studio, Evolve Yoga, in honor of this campaign and to support the well being and care of the rescued victims of the infamous Yulin dog meat festival and the dog cat meat trade. 

EVOLVE YOGA- Class date to follow 

2855 Orchard Lake Road
Keego Harbor, MI,
United States, Michigan

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Divine Sound Balance

Alexis Whitefield

Alexis Whitefield, is the creative mind behind  Divine Sound Balance, a sound therapy/wellness platform that is best defined in her own words: "Freely expressing my heart as a means of preventative mental wellness, stress relief, and personal development. It is a pleasure to share these vibrations with you all. I am a lifelong learner and always in self discovery mode."

Alexis will be hosting a sound bath mini-retreat in the serene outdoor sanctuary located in Murrieta, California.

The event will be livestreamed on her YouTube channel for those who cannot attend in person.

Divine Sound Balance Therapy-Date to follow
Los Alamos Road


Effie Densberger

Effie Densberger is the owner and HEART behind the very popular Hot Yoga University studio, nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. HYU has been a staple in the surrounding yoga community for over the past decade. With a long list of daily yoga class offerings in addition to workshops and trainings, HYU is a great place to unroll your yoga mat.

Ashton August, renowened yoga teahcer/wellness entrepreneur and founder of top-rated yoga/fitness platform,, has graciously offered to teach this special event class at Hot Yoga University, to support the victims of Yulin and the dog cat meat trade, a cause that she is extremely passionate about💗

Saturday, September 16 at 1:30 PM

2501 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

(480) 664-2299

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Lisa and Brian Cutts

Yoga Pod Tucson is the is the premier yoga studio destination for Tucson, Arizona. Owners Lisa and Brian Cutts have thought of everything in designing this space that is located in the beautiful St. Phillips Plaza in the central corridor of town. Boasting the best yoga instructors in the area, Yoga Pod offers a robust daily line up of class offerings ranging from traditional Hot Yoga to Vinyasa flows, Yin with Sound Healing and much more. 
Ashton August, renowened yoga teahcer/wellness entrepreneur and founder of top-rated yoga/fitness platform,, will be leading this 60 minute, Vinyasa flow class that will leave you feeling invigorated and re-energized.


Saturday October 28th at 4pm MST

St. Philip's Plaza | 4280 N Campbell, Suite 130, Tucson, AZ, United States, Arizona


Jade Brunel

Jade is the founder of WAOTEA, a project dedicated to tea, meditation, Chinese philosophy and the healing arts. For the past 13 years, she has been studying tea culture and daoist philosophy, in China, Japan and Malaysia. She is the author of the book “Tea, Remembering the Essence of Life” — a book exploring the way of tea through the lens of the five elements. Jade is a facilitator of meditative and healing arts experiences — supporting her community to find peace and acceptance, inspired by the way of Nature.”

Jade has graciously offered to dedicate one of her monthly Tea/Meditation ceremonies to the 2023 Yoga Stops Yulin campaign to help support its furry beneficiaries💗

WOATEA Tea/Meditation Ceremony 
Friday Sept. 12th at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 6pm CET

Jade and Mudita tea ceremony.PNG
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Abhishek Arun

Abhishek Arun is the owner and creator of TULA, a premiere Montreal destination for delicious and carefully prepared plant based meals. Abhishek is a decicated Vegan/animal lover who is also a certified Yoga teacher.

Abshishek will be launching TULA YOGA, as part of an extension of his restaurant this September and jumped at the opportunity to support our campaign to help the victims of Yulin and the dog cat meat trade.  

Abhishek will be welcoming the Montreal yoga/vegan community this September for a one of a kind wellness event that will include a yoga class, sound bath meditation, vegan treats, live music and more. 


TULA YOGA Launch Event- Date to follow
5258 St Laurent Blvd
Montreal, Quebec, H2T 1S1
+1 514 274 9000

Bobbi Paidel

International Yoga Teacher

Bobbi a yoga teacher, practitioner and seeker with more than 18 years of deep study and contemplation of the human experience. She has devoted her life to living and sharing the spiritual principles of yoga and oneness as taught by her Guru in the Vedic wisdom tradition.  

Since 2014 Bobbi spends a great time at her home in Northern India where she shares her own knowledge in classes, workshops & retreats to students from all over the world. 

Bobbi  has graciously offered to dedicate a yoga class to the 2023 Yoga Stops Yulin campaign to help support the victims of Yulin & the dog cat meat trade.

Bobbi Paidel - Online class
Monday July 10th 9am MST /5pm CET 

Bobbi Paidel Pic web.jpg
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Carpe Diem Yoga Chaud

Marie-Christine Langevin

Marie-Christine Langevin is the proud owner of Carpe Diem Yoga Chaud, a popular hot yoga studio located in Beloeil Quebec. 

A professionally trained dancer, Marie-Christine created Carpe Diem, eight years ago, to be a sacred space to help her students attain their health goals and feel good in their bodies and minds. She has built a team of proficient  and caring yoga teachers that offer you a variety of classes ranging from strong dynamic vinyasa flows to Yin and meditation style practices. 

Marie-Christine and yoga teacher Michelle, both huge animal/dog lovers, have offered to host two outdoor yoga events as part of the Yoga Stops Yulin campaign.

Carpe Diem Yoga Chaud
August 23rd at 5pm
206, boulevard Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier
Belœil (Québec) J3G
450 813-6444


Anna Ferguson

Anna Ferguson has been studying and teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for over 20 years.  She is the co-creator of World Peace Yoga and the director of World Peace Yoga’s online and in studio Personal Spiritual Growth and Yoga Teacher Training Programs
Anna organizes the annual Cincy VegFest event and is passionate about building community, compassionate living, and her wonderful son Noah.  

She has completed multiple holistic yoga and vinyasa trainings with Doug Swenson.Anna has graciously offered to dedicate one fo her very popular yoga class to the 2023 Yoga Stops Yulin campaign to help support the victims of Yulin & the dog cat meat trade, a cause she is passionate about.

Wednesday, August 16 from 6:30-7:30 pm ET 
World Peace Yoga School

268 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati
OH 45220, United States
 +1 513-300-9642

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  • Mahny Djahanguiri
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Mahny Djahanguiri

Mahny Djahanguiri is the UK and Europe’s leading founder and author of DOGA -Yoga for you and your Dog. She founded her brand Dogamahny TM in 2012 leading London based and International Dogamahny TM classes/workshops and teachers training program (alongside her furry companion “Robbe”).

Doga works on the natural bond we have with nature and restores the balance between mind and body with the support and aid of dogs and yoga. Her method is carefully designed to work on the central nervous system on both owner and dog alike.

Mahny is a devout animal lover and a fierce advocate  for the end Yulin and the dog cat meat trade. She will be offering a special DOGA class on Internationall Dog Day as part of the 2023 Yoga Stops Yulin campaign & support its furry beneficiaries<3 

Saturday August 26th - International Dog Day
Zurich Switzerland or Online - Link to follow


Ashton August- Guest Teacher

 YCD was founded in June, 2001 By Craig Kurtz, Kila Lau, Gary and Donita Reitze. The Yoga Center is rooted in the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, and his children, Geeta and Prashant Iyengar of Pune, India. At Yoga Center of Denver, highly trained teachers who are certified in the Iyengar method, guide students in developing precise body alignment. In April 2021, new owners, Bryant Hadley and Chelsea Kyle Gifford took over to expand awareness of B.K.S Iyengar & the YCD community.

YouAligned founder and yoga teacher, Ashton August, will be hosting a special donation based class to benefit the dogs of our 2023 Yoga Stops Yulin campaign💜

Wednesday, September 6th at 7pm ET 

770 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209

Yoga Center Denver Logo_edited.jpg
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Jun Fuchs

International Yoga Teacher- Bali

Jun Fuchs grew up in Switzerland, has been vegan since 2017, and is mainly based in Bali, Indonesia. Jun is the co-founder of the vegan restaurant p.u.r.e. in Switzerland. Over the past years, Jun trained in holistic healing practices, mindfulness, and entrepreneurship, which evolved into a coaching and mentorship business, "The Vegan Changemaker" Podcast and the award-winning e-book "Elevated Vegan Activism".

Jun has been teaching yoga, breathwork and meditation since 2019 with a very unique flare and style. Being a queer man and an ecstatic dance facilitator, his yoga classes are based on both Vinyasa and Yin, yet come with a sparkly-sassy-attitude!

Jun is  a passionate and fierce advocate for Environmental Protection, Veganism and Animal Rights. He graciously offered to host a benefit yoga class in support of the 2023 Yoga Stops Yulin campaign💚

Sunday, October 22nd 10am EST
Bali in person class or Online -YouTube

Esther Scheller

Yoga/Pilates/Dance Teacher

Esther has been a professional dancer for most of her life. She has traveled around the world and now is settled in Amsterdam. She teaches Pilates, Stretch and Dance as a PT and in groups with a lot of passion. Most of her training education has been in New York City where she also got certified as a Pilates teacher with Teri Steele.
Esther LOVES animals a lot and so she jumped at the opportunity to support our campaign to help the dogs victim of this horrific trade. Esther will be offering 2  of her popular 
stretch classes toewards our campaign.

Wednesday September 20th at 10am Amsterdam

Deelnemen aan Zoom-vergadering

Wednesday September 27th at 10am Amsterdam

Deelnemen aan Zoom-vergadering

Esther Scheller pilates.jpg
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AIR Fitness Los Angeles

Kyla & Michelle

AIR® is the nation’s leading aerial fitness training method. As the original, superior method, our in-house training team spends countless hours creating, and refining the best formats to deliver to our clients and setting the industry standard. Designed for all levels, AIR® strengthens your core and tones your physique in record-breaking time by fusing elements of conditioning, Pilates and HIIT (high intensity interval training). 

Kyla, co-owner of AIR Fitness LA, being a HUGE animal lover is not new to supporting animal charities like this one and has graciously opened up her beautiful Santa Monica studio to this important cause and campaign by hosting a special Aerial Fitness class to benefit the furry beneficiaries of our 2023 Yoga Stops Yulin Campaign.

Saturday, October 7th at 1pm PST


AIR® Aerial Fitness

11747 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064

(213) 442-9385

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