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2023 Campaign Beneficiaries & Their Chinese Rescuers

All funds raised during the Yoga Stops Yulin 2023 campaign will go to support our featured dogs and their Chinese Rescuer.

Each one of the dogs featured in our campaign has been victim of unimaginable abuse & cruelty.

Many of these dogs were rescued from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival over 6 years ago and are looking for sponsors, fosters and ultimately their furever home🤗




On June 19th 2017, a dog meat truck heading to Yulin Guangxi in prepration for the "festival" was intercepted by Chinese activists. The truck was carring over 1000 dogs. The activists called upon the authorities to seize the dogs as the driver did not have the requisite quarantine and vaccination certificates to transport dogs accross provincial borders. 
Out of the 1000 dogs rescued , only 619 survived.

Suki Su's dogs featured below, were rescued off this infamous truck interception, the largest rescue in history.

Suki Su - Changsha, China

Director of AHW China shelter

Suki Su is at the head of the AHW China Shelter, located in her native town of Changsha, China.  The shelter is home to the animals liberated from The Dog and Cat Meat Trade with a great majority rescued from the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

Suki Su is a real life angel who is devoted and dedicated to making China a better place for all animals. She lives with her family, husband, and her young daughter and together they take care for their many animals, including goats, pigs and ducks.

Visit the AHW website to learn more about the wonderful work Suki Su is doing in Changsha, China.

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Fita (Li Heng), Wuhan, China

Fita, Shelter Operator, Wuhan China

Li Heng, affectionately known as Fita, is a young dog/cat rescuer located in her native city of Wuhan Hubei, China. She is represented on SM by WOW (Woofers of Wuhan) Rescue Society, a group of Canadian women who are passionate animal lovers.
Fita has been rescuing dogs since 2018 and has been globally recognized for her outstanding work in animal welfare in China for which she was awarded a prestigious grant by the SPCA International in 2020.

Her story captivated audiences worldwide when TIME did a feature on Fita at the height of the pandemic when she was left caring for hundreds of dogs, many of which had been abandoned by their owners due to the lock down during the country’s Lunar New Year holiday.

WOW Rescue dogs are provided with quality veterinary care; spay/neuter surgeries; basic rehabilitation; and, access to a free-run indoor-outdoor shelter environment.

Fita works full time as an auditor and works overtime to care for her 387 dogs & 64 cats at the shelter with the help of her husband.

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